Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Acupuncture and Depression - A Story

Julie came in for Five-Element Acupuncture because she was feeling depressed. She said she felt tired, inert, & unmotivated. She was taking an antidepressant but was not experiencing much change in how she felt. Julie had a job which was unsatisfying and felt quite alone in her life - her kids were grown and she had been divorced for many years. She also had back aches and her digestion did not function very well.

After spending an hour with her going over her history and listening to how she was feeling, it was clear to me that she had lost touch with the part of herself that fuels life - her spirit. It is the spark in each one of us - the juice that powers our lives, the thing that makes us each unique. When we are connected to it we feel engaged, excited about things, we see beauty and joy everywhere.

On that first visit with Julie I treated her to help her reconnect with her spirit. She returned the next week ecstatic and enthusiastic - saying that she felt different from the moment she left my office - as if a switch had been flipped. She has continued to receive acupuncture over the years, nourishing her spirit and helping her aches and pains, as well as her digestive problems. She still talks about how she felt before she ever got treated and how her life has transformed since. She is now married to a wonderful man, has created new work for herself, and fills her time with friends, family and travel. She is living a full and satisfying life!

for more information see The Center for Classical Five-Element Acupuncture in Seattle.

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